Wasted? Not this month!!

By Vicky Sinton Join Me

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

In a bid to raise some money for those that need it most, I have decided to give up alcohol for the month of June. Coming into winter it is essential for those without a home have somewhere warm to sleep that will keep them protected. I am hoping to raise enough money for several backpack beds, meaning more people will have a safer, warmer place to sleep on the cold winter nights. 

I will also be donating myself, any money that would have been spent on alcohol, will be donated instead to try and boost these fundraising efforts.

Thank you to my Supporters


Rebecca Heenan

So proud of you for helping those in need ! Xx


Jane Sinton

So proud🥂


Vicky Sinton


Ajs Automotive


Carherine Holmes

Well Done Vicky


Gabby Savaris

This is 4 vodkas at the Irish, I’m proud of you ❤️