Helping our Brothers and Sisters

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I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

I live in Atchison, Kansas and over the past few months, our town has noticed an increase in our homeless population.  In Northeast Kansas, we get the extreme of ALL of the seasons! I, myself, am on my own personal journey to better myself physically and am working on becoming a better Christian. These people are our brothers and sisters, no matter what religion you believe or don't believe. Many of us live paycheck to paycheck and at any given moment, any of us or family members could be in this predicament. What better way then to provide some comfort and shelter from the elements, that one can pack and move with them! For 30 days, I challenge you to do 20 squats per day and share the cause! If you can, donate whatever amount you feel. I understand, we're all in hard times, but if anything, spread the word! Let's get as many of these out to those in need!  

Please help me raise funds.