Solo Ride - Kalamunda to Albany for the Homeless

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My target 502 kms

The Training Begins

It has now been a week since I announced I will be doing a charity ride from Kalamunda to Albany and boy has a lot happened during this week.

I have commenced training for the big ride and by the end of today should have done over 100km's since I have been home and by the time I fly out back to work on Thursday morning I should have done 150km. The leg muscles are a bit sore but its nothing I can't fix with some magnesium tablets and rest between rides. 

When I return to work on Thursday and without my beloved bike I will be training on the excercise bikes in our gym for an hour per day after my 11 hour shift and then will increase this to two hours per day in week two.

I am keen to drop another 5kgs before the ride which means there is another 5kg I am not carrying on the bike. 

While I know I can easily ride 100km+ in a day I need to put the km's in my legs so I can do this for 4 days straight. 

I have been asked the question what will I do if the Caronavirus is pretty bad by then? I said I will monitor the situation very closely but with me riding solo over 4 days and being in the country away from people will mean I have less chance of contracting the virus and I am determined to complete the ride. I did think about organising a breakfast at a coffee house before I leave but it is likely I will now just keep it low key now to minimise the risk of getting the Caronavirus. 

Lastly, I want to thank those wonderful people who have donated or sponsored my ride so far. To date we have raised $541 which just totally fantastic and is over 25% of our target goal at the end of the first week and the ride is not for another two months from today. 

I hope to bring you regular updates over the coming months. 

Take care and Stay Safe 




I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

Hi all,

All my life I have always wanted to ride from Perth to Albany and now that I am nearly 50 (turn 50 in July) I plan to cycle from  Kalamunda to Albany solo and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to raise some money for my favourite charity Backpack Bed for Homeless. 

As we are entering tough times in Australia and around the world I would really like to help 20 West Australians keep warm and dry this winter and be able to live with a bit of dignity while they are living on the streets. Every person should be able to have a roof over their head but sometimes life circumstances or choices have forced people to live on the streets with nowhere to go! 

 Saturday 16 May Day 1 - I plan to cycle from Kalamunda to Brookton (143.6km) - Approx 7 hours

Sunday 17 May Day 2 - I plan to cycle from Brookton to Wagin (119km) - Approx 6 hours

Monday 18 May Day 3 - I plan to cycle from Wagin to Cranbrook (142km) - Approx 7 hours

Tuesday 19 May Day 4 - I plan to cycle from Cranbrook to Albany (98.1km) - Approx 5 hours

The reason I want to raise $2100 is this will allow me to raise enough money for 20 Backpack Beds which can be distributed before winter when the bedding really will be needed. Each Backpack Bed costs $105 so I have donated the first funds to pay for the first Backpack Bed.  I really hope you can help me raise the funds for such this great cause. 


Please help me raise funds.

Thank you to my Supporters




Sean Bryce


Liz Bryce



God bless you Sean! ❤️


Meredith And Michael Wright

Go well and good luck, Sean. Stay safe xx


Ross B. Taylor

A great cause and well done Sean.


Ren Jakovich


Meesh & Dean Watson


Cr Lisa Cooper

Good luck Sean. What a fantastic effort 🏆


Anastasia Dharma

Good luck Sean :) What a great cause!


Caroline Brocx

You're an inspiration Brycey!!


Emma Mcguinness

Good luck and safe travels, such an amazing charity to support to help homelessness here in WA!!


Joanne Carter


Patrick And Bettina Hanna



Hope you achieve your ambition