Swags for homeless in Ulladulla

By Sarah Date Join Me

Thank you for your donations so far!

Wow, the response so far has been overwhelming! So far, we are able to assist 8 people with swags in our local area who are sleeping rough. This means they will be kept dry and warm throughout these cold winter months.

Thank you all for your very generous hearts!

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

We are looking at setting up a safe shelter in Ulladulla for homeless people or those at risk of homelessness. In the meantime we would like to have swags on hand to give out to people should they need shelter from the rain. They can then bring their swags to the safe shelter to sleep in once we are open.

Please help me raise funds. Each swag costs around $95 each, they are water proof and wind resistant and ideal for cold weather climates. They fold up into a back pack for ease of carrying around.

Thank you to my Supporters


Polly Hill

Good Luck, Sarah


Kathleen Bull

Pam hit me up for this. Very worthwhile. Good on you.


Sian Smith


Adam And Lisa Gowen


Robyn Mctavish

Great work, you are a champion.


Sarah Date


Diane Cooke

Hi Sarah hope this helps xx


Chrus Watterson

Good luck Sarah


Jo Gullison


Charissa Fackerell

Such a great cause Sarah.. well done xx


Ros Maloney


Tonya Houston

You're amazing Sarah! Always thinking of others x


Leanne Ewin

Wonderful idea, best wishes




Kat Dawson