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I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

Our workplace is fundraising for Backpack Bed for Homeless.

They are a national charity that provides Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless people.

The Backpack Bed is a portable emergency bed that is waterproof and fire retardant. It keeps people warm safe and dry.

Please help us raise funds.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sale Service Centre


Peta Tabuteau

Dandenong Service centre


Warragul Warriors

Warragul Warriors - late to the party - but we made it!



from wonthaggi -thank you riki for setting this up.


Box Hill Service Center


Loanne Pham

From Rowville SC


Windsor Service Centre


Oakleigh Service Centre


Sale Service Centre


Cheree Cole




Dianne Godfrey




Centrelink - South Melbourne


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