Rhi quits caffeine

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I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

Its been a whole year since we went travelling around Australia and it broke my heart to see how many homless people there really are, especially in our major cities. Its become a real concern for me and something I've become very passionate about.  So for the month of August I will be giving up caffeine to raise funds for  backpack bed for homless, anyone who knows me knows how addicted to coffee I am so wish me luck!

Thank you to my Supporters




Mitchell Family

Here’s $50 not to quit coffee ;).


Kathy Francis

Good luck.x


Cooper, Ivie And Buzzy

Good luck 🥰


Heidi Brazier-reeve


Jes Walker

No coffee! What an important cause, go you!


Ur Father


Annemarie Lau

Great effort! Hope your mood isn’t too affected 😉


Rhiannon Francis