Penny Hardy's 50th

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Why homelessness is so important to me

I'm coming into my 50's this month and statistics now tell us that the biggest growth in the homeless population in Australia is women over 50. This hit hard when I heard this, as it is now my age group.

But its not the main reason that I try to support the people on our doorstep who need our help, have fallen on hard times, or have found themselves in an impossible situation and cant find a solution.

Homelessness came knocking on my own door a few years ago.

A family member who struggles with mental health issues, went from being a valuable member of society, educated, in a good job, young and enjoying life to finding themselves with no home, no car, no job, no money and ended up living rough in the bush.

No matter how much I tried to help and support them, nothing that I did made a difference, and eventually I realised that I had to let them be. 

We heard from them from time to time, and eventually after 12 months, they were able to get the help they needed from a local charity who paired them up in an apartment with another person in similar situations. They got them a job, and slowly the reintegrated into society.

I am grateful for the help they received and I try to give back to our fellow Aussies who have much less than I do. The Backpack Bed is a wonderful idea, so at least it makes life on the streets a little easier for the estimated 9,000 people a night who sleep rough.

Much love xx

Penny Hardy's 50th Birthday fundraiser for Backpack Bed for Homeless.

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Penny Hardy

Happy Birthday Penny. Enjoy your BIG Celebration


Selena Collier

Happy 50th Penny! What a wonderful initiative for your special day. Many Blessings. X


Linda Miguel

Happy 50th Penny! Great idea


Giselle Lobban

Happy 50th. Great job!!


Alex Green

Happy birthday Penny 🥰 Great charity xo


Brenda Wilkinson

Good on you for helping out the homeless, Penny.