Angels in the Outfield Homeless Cleanup Crew (AITO)

By Meagan Heuchan Join Me

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

Currently I am developing a non profit public benefit corporation named Angels in The Outfield Homeless Cleanup Crew (AITO).  Our aim is to offer employment to the homeless community  to restore our cities streets and to collaborate with various city officials,business owners, social services agencies,etc.  
Angels In The Outfield Homeless Cleanup Crew (AITO) would like to recognize all lives that have been lost due to homeless related issues, including drug addiction and overdose.

"If you want to change the fruits, you will first change the roots.
 If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible."

      * Currently there are 46,000 displaced individuals just in the city of Los Angeles.
      * Last year 2,000 people passed away due to homeless related issues in the city of Los Angeles.
      * Various cities throughout Southern California have declared a State of Emergency for Homelessness.
      * Governor Gavin Newsome stated mid September during a media event , that he feels that "Judges" play            a part in homelessness by making it hard to remove homeless encampments.. He relayed the                        information, stating that he is going to pursue an  "Amicus  Breif"  which will be an effort to intervene and        stand up for homeless restoration and he hopes to take it to the Supreme Court. 
      * Billions and Billions of dollars were allocated from federal agencies to help with stabilizing homeless    individuals and community development.

I have already been endorsed by the city of Hemet Mayor and city officials and I am scheduled to meet with the City of Los Angeles city officials in the near future.

Please Play Your Part With you signature to Support Homeless restoration. Every signature helps to bring awareness to the homeless epidemic and to remember the individuals who lost their lifes due to homelessness as Heroes in Resolving Social and Economical Injustice.

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