Lillie's Beds for the Homeless Appeal

By Lillie Ikin

About me and why I chose this appeal

Hi my name is Lillie and I'm nine years old for the last year myself my mum ,sisters and brother haven't had a stable place to live but we have always had a roof over our heads even though I'm only young I have seen a lot of homeless people living on the street and it makes me sad I want to help to give them a safe warm place to sleep and hopefully some other essential needs please if you can take the time to help me with my appeal I would really appreciate it every cent or even just a share will go such a long way 😊 
Thank you 
From Lillie 

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

Thank you to my Sponsors


Salisbury Rotary Club Brisbane

Keep up the good work Lillie, as you are an inspiration to us all, but especially to the members of the Salisbury Rotary Club here in Brisbane


Ella Haddad

Go Lillie! What a fantastic effort you are making ☺️ Keep up the good work, you are making a difference


Coel Ikin



This is such a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do, Lillie. You’re a star!



You’re an inspiration Lil ✨



You're an inspiration


Kentrina Wilcox

Hi Lillie how inspirational are you A wonderful story keep up the good work your amazing


Lisa Ikin

Well done Lillie, what an amazing young girl you are.


Karen Street

You're amazing Lillie and I'm so proud of you.


Matilda Fenton




A. Broderick

Such a beautiful heart and soul you have. Bless you and your future Lillie and family 💜