My Birthday Wish

By Kelsey Thuillier Join Me

What do you want for your birthday? Perhaps you've had your eyes on some diamond earrings or a new handbag. Maybe you're a gamer and want to upgrade your console or love a great meal and are looking forward to an expensive dinner at your favourite restaurant. This year, instead of material gifts and a big party, I'd love to raise funds for a greater cause than myself. 

1.1 million Australian adults have experienced homelessness over the past 10 years. RMIT University recently conducted a study that showed up to 49% of the homeless population have slept on the streets as opposed to shelters - that's over 539,000 Australians. The simple truth is that the number of humans in need is greater than the number of roofs available. 

Backpack Beds for Homeless is a great initiative that provides backpacks with storage that roll our into an all weather protected bed. Just $105 purchases one of these Backpack Bed's, providing dignity and safety to someone in need. 

This year, my birthday wish is make four people warm and safe. Any amount you can spare will help me reach this goal and is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you to my Supporters


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