Kelly's Birthday Fundraiser: Helping Australian homeless people living on the streets

By Kelly Podolan

Why I'm raising funds for BackPack Bed for Homeless

Hi friends and family!

This year for my birthday (12th May), I would like to help by fundraising for a good cause. This year I've picked Backpack Bed for Homeless which help out the homeless people right across Australia by providing a Backpack Bed!

The backpacks look a bit like an ordinary backpack/duffel bag however they have storage compartments,  are water and wind proof,  have a full body mosquito net  and are light weight.
Each back pack rolls out into an all weather protected bed.

As you can probably imagine, for homeless people living on the streets life is pretty tough; they are exposed to all kinds of weather ( heatwaves, rain, wind, storms etc). If they don't have their own sleeping bag or any kind of bedding, they are left to use whatever they can find to try and keep themselves  comfortable such as carboard or even covering themselves with grass- materials which don't exactly provide protection or warmth! So providing them with a high quality backpack bed will give them back a bit of dignity and comfort.

My goal is to raise $330 which will provide three people living on the streets with a backpack bed.
($110  provides one person with a back pack bed).

So please, if you can help me to help people in need!

Thank you.

Thank you to my Supporters


Adam Podolan

Great work sweetie


Kelly Podolan