Micah & Mum's Ministry for the Homeless in Melbourne

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Raising the goal to $1000

Thanks to the generosity of those who have already donated, we've decided to raise our goal to $1000 to see if we can hand out 10 backpack beds for the cold winter in Melbourne! Thank you for giving ~

Micah's 6th birthday is coming up in May and he has decided to give up birthday presents and instead ask for donations to purchase backpack beds for the homeless in Melbourne (https://backpackbed.org/au). I am also doing the same and the two of us have also registered to do the 5k Run Melbourne on 28 July to raise funds & awareness for the homeless. Each backpack bed costs $100 and we would like to raise enough to purchase 5 backpack beds to hand out personally in the streets of Melbourne CBD before the weather gets any colder. Your donation would be greatly appreciated as we seek to bring some comfort & shelter to these individuals.

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Lily Liu

Happy Birthday Micah! Such a generous boy supporting a great cause!


Tatiana Kim

Happy birthday Micah!! :)


Jinha Kim


Ethan And Ava Hwang


Hao Zhang


Finn Geddes

Happy birthday Micah! Love Finn


Jinha Kim


Eric Tian

What a fantastic idea - happy birthday Micah!


Sujeong Hahm

happy B-day Micah! you are very warm-hearted and kind. it makes me feel happy and warm. thank you! 멋지다 마이카~ 건강히 잘지내세요 마이카 가족 모두요! ^_^


Grayson Jukes

Happy Birthday Micah. Hope you have a great day. Love Grayson


Abby White

Thank you Micah - hope you have a wonderful birthday!


David Kim

Compassion, the best evangelism.


Thomas Courtney

Happy birthday Micah! “I love you”. Thomas Courtney :)



Happy Birthday Micah :) ... What a great idea!



Happy birthday Micah, such a great idea! You are so kind. From Evie.


Levi Poplin Wu

Happy Borthday Micah 😊 What great gift you are giving Xx