Felicity Cirocco

Somerset College Sleepover 2019

I'm fundraising for Backpack Bed for Homeless

I'm one of the twenty students from Years 7 to Year 12 who have volunteered to participate in this Homelessness Sleepover. 

I will be serving meals and having conversations with local people doing it tough at this time of year.

Somerset has proudly partnered with national charity Backpack Bed for Homeless and the Backpack Beds they provide to homeless people across Australia will be purchased from money collected.  It cost $110 to purchase a Backpack Bed.

Thank you for supporting my fundraising.

As a community, it is critical that we provide people experiencing homelessness with the support to rebuild their lives and reconnect. The ‘hands on’ nature of our Homelessness Sleepout will allow students to develop a deeper understanding about homelessness on the Gold Coast, allowing students to develop their empathy and provide an opportunity to take action.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Well done Felicity!




Lena Crane

Well done Felicity.


Kyla Briggs

Fantastic cause, well done gorgeous girl 😃👏🏻♥️


Cheryl Kung

What a great cause!


Josie Cirocco

I’m happy to support you to help others. Well done to be involved and to volunteer for a wonderful cause.


H-p Cousins

Super proud of you Felicity for doing what you can to raise awareness for and support the homeless.


Julie Lalor

Well done!!!


Felicity Cirocco


Natali Zantvoort

Good on you Felicity. Good luck.



You're awesome!




Nanna & Pa