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I'm raising funds for Backpack Beds for the Homeless of Geraldton, all funds raised will go towards the purchasing of Backpack Beds and will be distributed by the ICARE Team right here in Geraldton to those in need.

Many people in Geraldton haven’t got the luxury of a roof of their head and a safe place to sleep every night, and while I can’t provide them with this, what I can provide is a lightweight and portable Backpack Bed which can keep them warm in winter and cool in summer and can also provide security of their personal belongings.

In order for the Backpack Beds to go to those in need, I have teamed up with Libby McLauchlan (ICARE Coordinator) from the Community Alcohol Drug Services – ICARE Team. Libby works ‘on the ground’ with the homeless of Geraldton and she is responsible in ensuring that the Backpack Beds get distributed to those in need.

Each Backpack Bed costs just $105, with a minimum of 4 Backpack Beds required to be delivered at one time costing $420.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

All funds raised goes directly towards the purchasing of Backpack beds specifically for Geraldton and donations are fully Tax Deductible.

'Backpack Bed for Homeless provides emergency relief Backpack Beds to street sleeping homeless people without shelter. They work in partnership with 600+ homeless agencies across Australia to reach homeless people who do not have any other form of accommodation. The Backpack Bed is study proven to improve health, dignity, sleep, warmth, comfort and safety.

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Hi Emma, Congratulations on your efforts with such a great cause. Kind regards, Wayne


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Dave Clare

Hi Emma, I want to introduce you to my friend Allan Connolly who is leading the charge to end homelessness in WA.


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Onya Em :)