Ella Liam Cox

Cornish College Winter Sleepout 2019

I'm fundraising for...Backpack Beds for the Homeless

Hey everybody! It’s that time of year where once again we will be attending the Winter Sleepout at our school to raise awareness of homelessness. This involves sleeping out at school in cardboard boxes... in June... in the cold...Brrr! Ella’s 3rd sleepout and Liam’s 5th... or 6th...🤔

Swags for Homeless is an organisation that give backback beds to those who are sleeping rough. It is a great cause. All the money collected goes towards buying a backpack bed to be sent to a homeless person. So the more you donate the more likely you will be to help someone in need.

Last year we were able to go and give swags to a community centre in Frankston and it was great to hear what a difference these swags can make. Our goal is to raise enough money for 3 swags, helping 3 homeless people, particularly as Winter is coming

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide - no matter how big or small!!! 

Ella and Liam



Thank you to my Sponsors


Nancy Cox

When is the night out in the cold? Hope you can keep warm and sleep a bit.


Elizabeth Jenkins

Thank you for continuing to raise awareness and support such a worthwhile cause by sleeping out yet again in cardboard boxes. An amazing commitment and thank you.


David And Willeka Cox

Good job kids! Love you to bits! Stay warm! Love Dad and Mum.


Glenda Lugton

Good jobs kids! Love Nana


Barbara Singleton

All the best guys! 💜