Chilled Out

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I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

A target of $2200 has been set (but not limited to) and will provide shelter for 20 people, thus providing privacy, dignity and protection from the elements for those who are doing it rough.

Chilled Out is a cold shower challenge where participants have a cold shower for 2 minutes. 

Why the cold shower challenge? 

About 2 years ago for my 50th birthday I set myself a challenge,  what could I do to take me out of my comfort zone? Now I'm not fond of the cold and an ice bath was perfect.  I participated in a seminar with Wim Hof (The Iceman),  I discovered how healthy exposure to the cold can be of immense value to our being. 

I want to make a difference for people to connect with their body and the amazing abilities it has to keep us healthy naturally, especially when it is given the environment to thrive and heal, and to make a difference for those who don't currently have a choice to shelter from the cold. Thus the cold shower challenge was created.

What you get from participating:

Participants get an appreciation for what many people live with on a daily basis during the colder months with no escape.

Participants get to exercise their immune system at a cellular level, enabling the natural protection and healing abilities of the human body. (If you have any health conditions or concerns, consult your physician before taking the Chilled Out challenge)

Participants step outside of their comfort zone, feeling exhilarated and alive having taken the challenge.

Participants personally get to make a difference for others and the community.

How does the challenge work:

Print out the Donation Sheet from the Facebook page Chilled Out and share with people that you're taking the challenge.  Enroll others to sponsor you to complete the challenge.

Find a shower,  in your home, at the gym, at the beach, anywhere there is access to cold water. Be creative, hang a hose over the clothes line.  Take the challenge by yourself or with friends.

Stream your shower live here on Facebook and post it for others to see.  As this is a family appropriate event participants need to be covered, i.e bathers, t-shirt, shorts etc.

A timer of some description to be on display during your shower.  (Whilst Facebook live does have a recorded time, please use a visible display during your shower as you Chill Out)

Follow up with your sponsors and ask them to donate the proceeds to Backpack Beds through the attached link on the site.  If the sponsor has no access to donating the nominated amount,  you can submit it on their behalf.

If you chose to do the challenge as a group remember to follow the restrictions in your part of the world.

I’m looking forward to chilling out with you all.

Be cool with a warm heart.

Infinite Love and Gratitude


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Hi Brother Daz, as promised for a great cause. Cheers, Terry Strand


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