Backpack Bed for the Homeless and Helpless

By Dana Cox Join Me

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

Have you ever imagined yourself having to live and sleep on the street, in a vehicle or under a bridge?

 If not, imagine  this with me:

 You've lost your job and have been unable to find a viable solution or employment. Even if you have found employment you will not be able to catch up or meet the monetary demands of lenders, landlords or creditors.

Further imagine you have no one to help you physically or financially.

It's just a matter of time before you will be evicted/lose your home.

Maybe you have a car to sleep in, maybe not.

Or imagine you have a mental or physical disability and you are homeless and unemployable. You are alone in this world-without family or friends to help you. (Yes, many people have no one in this world to care whether they live or die or eat or have somewhere to sleep). 

Where do you go? 

Where do you sleep? 

How do you stay warm and dry on cold and wet days and nights? (Yes, some homeless choose not to stay in shelters for various reasons).

Today and tonight hundreds of thousands of people around the world will sleep on sidewalks, or in cars, or alleyways, or under bridges...without warm and dry bedding.

If you or I ever find ourselves in such a condition wouldn't we at the very least NEED (way beyond want) to have warm and dry bedding in which to sleep? Don't those that DO live homeless deserve this as well? 

Please help me raise funds.