Compassion Camel Caravan

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My target 800 kms

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless


An 800 km trek through outback NSW raising money for Swags for homeless. Australia is in need and we are journeying raising awareness and dignity. 

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(accomplished - amount raised $14,000):

An 1200km Camel Wagon Trek from Alice Springs towards Adelaide raising money for Swags for homeless.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Joshua Kinnear

Great people. Great cause.


Jerome Lanez

Rock on !


Denise Greenaway


Mylène Veilleux

I am super happy to know that you are going for a trek. I will be following you closely ☺️


Jo Gehan


Kylie Strelan


Sharon Anderson

Love your Compassion, your camels and your sense of adventure 🙏


Annabelle Petit

I love you both ❤️


Gaye Lanigan


Ross H