Cheyennas good turn

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Just starting!

Today I started fundraising for the backpack beds for the homeless and I am so proud of the people who have donated! I can feel the love for our community shining through 🌻

I'm raising funds for Backpack Bed for Homeless

I am raising funds for backpack beds as part of a service task for Scouts. 

I feel passionate about helping the homeless and think that supporting  this organisation is a great way to help. 

Please help me raise funds.

Thank you to my Supporters


Minna Larikka



Go Girl!!


Daniel Clayton


Theresa Patterson

This is from Randals mum. Randal is a venturer. I love your idea I think it is awesome. Goodluck.


Trudy Lorbek

Cheyenna you have such a beautiful soul ❤️



great work Cheyenna!



Awesome work Cheyenna!


Kathryn Clayton



Zana Larikka

It's a great cause


Tiffany Clayton


Annaleise Ward


Sara Clayton

This is good of you to do


April Neilsen

What a lovely thing to do! 💗


Tilly Stewart

I have donated part of my pocket money, thank you, Tilly


Sasha Stewart

Hope you reach your goal soon! :)