30 Beds in 30 Days EOFY Challenge

By Alison McKinnar Join Me

Demo of how to use a backpack bed


Karl's story


Why Backpack Beds?

As a little girl I occasionally had a babysitter come stay with myself and my siblings whilst my parents went to dinner. Her name was Mrs Butterworth and she would always indulge me with a story of The Little Match Girl.  
I was convinced the little girl was my age and like me she had curly hair, although hers was fair (which Mrs Butterworth told me meant very light coloured). I could vividly picture the girl in the story sitting in the snow freezing to death trying to sell matches whilst dreaming of a warm home and food in her belly. I felt very sad for her and that feeling has stuck with me throughout my life and more so as I learned how many people sleep on the street.

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Well done Alle, It's a pleasure to support you! Tash


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Beautiful work xx




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Thanks for your amazing commitment to this worthy cause Alle, and hope you heal up quickly ❤️


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Thank you for this important work you are doing x


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I hope you break your goal and even more people sleep warmly this winter xx