Addison's birthday fundraiser

By Addison McKinnon Join Me

For my 11th birthday I've decided to not get presents but donate money to help the homeless instead. My aim is to reach $500. My money will go to helping homeless people have a nice shelter to sleep in, especially when it rains, and one they can easily take with them. I hope you can help me achieve this goal. Thank you.

Thank you to my Supporters



Happy birthday Addi. What a wonderful idea. I'm proud of you and very happy to help you reach your goal. Love Mum xx


Hailey And Cho Cho Xx


Chloe Gniel




James Falconer



Happy birthday Addi hope you are very proud of what you are doing, lots of love XOXO Charli


Faye Keating

Have a great birthday Addi. I hope you get to your goal. Proud of you! Faye xoxox